🇺🇸  We use USA harvested cocoa beans!

🐮  🐄   We are an anti dairy company.

♀️ Woman owned

♻️  Committed to reducing plastic & waste*

* We are phasing out all cellophane bags and will then switch solely to paper bags. As much as possible, we use upcycled paper & paper bags to stuff our shipping boxes. We use the smallest boxes we can when shipping products.

* If a product comes with ribbon & tags you can request these items to be left off to reduce waste. 

These Vegan Easter Creme Eggs were delicious, all flavors were enjoyed by all! I followed the directions for freshness and they were perfect! The packaging was so festive and they arrived in plenty of time for Easter! Thank you for the special order variety pack! I would definitely order these again! A+


These vegan truffles were the best vegan truffles I've ever tried. I'm a big foodie, I should know! Lol. The deep chocolate was perfectly balanced with the subtle sweetness, with the soft center that just explodes with veltly smoothness. I wanted to save and eat one for a special day or something, but I'm a glutton and managed to eat all but one in one night. Perfectly paired with red wine. My favorite is Yellow Tail Jammy Red Roo.


These were AMAZING!!! I’ve been craving this for so long and as a vegan good vegan chocolate is hard to come by. Definitely worth the price! I tried to save them as long as I could but they didn’t last a week😂 I would love if I could purchase these year round (the shape honestly doesn’t matter to me).


The seller is an excellent communicator and the product arrived in perfect condition! Y’all, this was chocolate. In Florida. On a 90+ degree day in March. Absolutely perfect and delicious. Her vanilla cream eggs are the absolutely perfect substitute for Cadbury Creme Eggs. SOOO GOOD!




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